Engage Event Attendees

& boost your social media with 1000's of photos


Engage your event guests through photo sharing & live slideshows across your venue.
Your custom event portal allows attendees to  easily share photos with you for instant use on stage or in marketing content

Include live slideshows in your next event with takeNplace!

No App Required

Guests share direct from their phone is seconds

Full-Quality Library

Zero compression photos ready for your marketing campaigns

Live, Moderated Slideshow

Use photos to interact with your guests throughout your event

Compliance Handled

Our solution is fully GDPR & Usage compliant

Fully Managed Service

We take care of your unique QR code and guest portal

Boost Your Next Marketing Campaign

Download all photographs to add to your catalogue

Keep Your Day Exclusive

Interact with your guests through their experiences

How It Works

Four simple steps to add takeNplace to your events.

Sign Up

We create your custom portal & QR code to your design requirements


Your unique QR code with your guests to get them involved.

On The Day

Guests can easily share photos throughout the event.

Next Campaign

Use genuine photos to boost your social channels, marketing campaigns and involve your delegates.

All Inclusive Pricing

Decicated Attendee Portal

A dedicated sharing page, complete with your branding & message to your guests.

Unlimited Photos

There is no limit to the number of photos that you can accept

Live Slideshow

Run a live slideshow of attendee photos during your event.

Unique QR Code

Use this across your venue signage, stationery and handouts to include all your guests

Private Gallery

All guests photos are stored securely in your private gallery, ready for us in your next marketing campaign (3 months)

Irish Based Support

Our local team is here to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

takeNplace allows your guests to share their own photos & experience with your privately, building a catalogue of genuine attendee experiences to bolster your marketing and social engagement.

Our live slideshow allows you to involve your guests throughout the day by sharing experiences and highlighting opportunities on large screens

Before your event we’ll work with you to create customised signs or cards that you can display around your event. 

Guest’s merely need to scan these to be taken straight to your event portal and start sharing their high quality moments instantly.

Our live slideshow allows you to share your guest photos around your venue with minimal setup and no technical knowledge! Simply plug in a laptop or tablet to show a slideshow that features guests photos within seconds of them sharing them.

And it’s moderated too!

The live slideshow will be available for the duration of your subscription, allowing you to continue to grow your catalogue of images across days, venues & events.

takeNplace is designed to compliment the services of a professional photographer, who will be their to formally document your day. 

With takeNplace you can see the other, less organised side of your wedding through your guests’ eyes.

Our team will discuss which package is right for your event, all the way up to our unlimited plan for multiple events.

Never stop your guests sharing their photos from your event.

takeNplace is designed to use screens that are already present in your venue or part of your existing AV design. We do not provide any hardware but provide the facility for your team or AV partner to effortlessly setup the live slideshow across your entire venue.

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